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Chendur Murugan Fab is the leading UPVC Windows and Doors manufacturer in Coimbatore. We design the UPVC Windows and Doors according to the customer’s choice and manufacture them with good quality and install the Windows and Doors at customer place. Few years before in every house the Windows and Doors are made-up of metal or wood, but nowadays customers are expecting their house Windows and Doors should be designed with new technological features built in it.

So, we are here in Coimbatore to produce the high quality UPVC Windows and Doors to meet the customer’s expectations with high quality material. We have the social responsibility to save our earth by not destroying the forest. While making Windows and Doors in wood, we have to destroy lots of trees. So, our new technology of UPVC Windows and Doors will help to save the forests and replace the high quality material for the customers.

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Lifting your Home emotionally and spiritually. Our designed tool in a click to make your window design which suits best for your home.

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The windows that you see in picture-perfect settings are none other than casement windows. They are usually recommended to keep out external noise and uneven temperature. A casement window comes with gaskets all around the sash and locks at multiple points to provide maximum level of noise and thermal insulation.


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A beautiful panoramic view of nature is the best style statement for your home. Enjoy uninterrupted views of your surroundings with stunning uPVC sliding windows and doors from Chendur Murugan Fab. Operating without hinges, our uPVC sliding Windows and Doors are made from horizontal sashes that move sideways with the help of rollers.


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Chendur Murugan Fab, a leader in modern systems for windows and doors, brings to you a new cutting-edge range. The premium series includes the W750 CO-EX Casement System and HEBESCHIEBE Sliding System.


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Paying attention while choosing the design for your windows is a sign of class and sophistication. At CM Fab, we offer varied choice to make a style statement for your home. Pick between bay windows, arched windows, combination windows and laminated windows to lend character to your space.


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