Best uPVC windows and doors in Coimbatore

Chendur uPVC is one of the leading uPVC windows manufacturers in Coimbatore with products at the various ranges for the customer's needs. A uPVC window is that amalgamation of precision engineering of international standards. A crucial part of manufacturing uPVC is the selection of the raw materials and the temperature it’s made which plays a major role in its quality & life. We also specialize as uPVC sliding windows and doors manufacturers in Coimbatore.

The raw materials used to make the windows are selected with at most care and are brought to the blending section where that are mixed to a specific ratio of chemicals that provides uPVC its properties. As a reputed uPVC dealer in Coimbatore, we maintain stringent quality standard. This blend is later heated and then cooled to maintain the colour index. Once cooled the mixture is batched for the next process. Chendur uPVC is a uPVC windows supplier in Coimbatore that at all times strive in bringing the best products to its customers.

These batches of uPVC windows get a rigid form for the first time. The machine maintains 3 temperatures that determines the quality of the window. The product undergoes a process called degassing. This process extracts the gas released uPVC and it prevents rupture, air trapping all the while improving the thermal resistance. Chendur uPVC produces the best uPVC windows in Coimbatore by implementing modern technologies during the manufacturing process. Our sliding uPVC windows in Coimbatore are one of the sought-out products in this category.

The packed profiles are then fabricated into desired shape through an array of machines. Primarily The profile the double mitre saw sizes it down to the required size. Then slots are made using routers. To add more strength galvanized iron is reinforced and this profile is welded in the most precision way. This are the steps that are followed to deliver you best quality uPVC windows in Coimbatore. We are Leading UPVC Windows Dealers in Coimbatore who over the years have perfected the art of manufacturing this product.

Posted on: 1/25/2021, 01:35 PM