UPVC window and door frames vs Aluminium frames

In recent times uPVC windows and doors have gained more popularity amongst people. This has created a dilemma of choosing between aluminium and uPVC within people who are planning to renovate or constructing a new home. This is because a lot do not know much about the pros and cons of both materials. Chendur uPVC is the best uPVC windows manufacturer in Coimbatore that excels in providing its customers product that is of the highest standard. This blog is made aiming to give you a comparison so that it enables you to choose the material that suits your requirement precisely.


The major quality of uPVC windows is that the material is durable against heavy loads and pressure. It is also resistant to chemical reactions such as rot or corroding helping it to have a long lifespan requiring very little maintenance. The frames do degrade over the years but the rate of degradation will only require you to replace them after 2 to 3 decades which is far longer than ordinary wooden frames. You can get quality uPVC windows in Coimbatore for your house and offices from Chendur uPVC.
Aluminium is also a highly durable material, but only high-quality aluminium windows can last decades. It does not rust like other materials albeit it requires maintenance .

Energy efficiency:

Aluminium’s low thermal efficiency has made it less favourabe to adapt against uPVC. Since the metal is highly conductive heat can pass through it very easily and make the building’s interior temperature increase.
While uPVC windows and doors on the other hand are great in not conducting heat. The quality of the material and the process it is manufactured affects energy efficiency greatly. This property of uPVC allows your home to have a stable temperature as it does not allow the outer temperature to flow inside or vice-versa. So, you do not have to face high hotness or low coldness throughout the year. Chendur uPVC is the very few manufactures that provide German uPVC windows in Coimbatore.


uPVC windows hold an advantage over aluminium and it is better soundproofing. This material excellently blocks any exterior noise and help you lead a peaceful life. Soundproofing quality comes from the glazing technique which an ordinary aluminium frame does not offer but a uPVC can.
Double glazed or triple glazed aluminium windows will provide soundproof but that comes at a higher price tag whereas you can get this same property at a fraction of the rate with uPVC windows and doors. Chendur uPVC is a trustable brand and has been a prominent uPVC windows supplier in Coimbatore.

Aesthetic Factor:

Over the years aluminium has been an alternative to wooden frames because of the aesthetic factor it brought in comparison to the latter. Aluminium window frames can be much slimmer than wooden frames giving them a clean, sleek look that is prevails more in modern homes.
Whereas uPVC window frames come in various range of designs and an array of colours. This helps the frames to seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of your building. Asides from this our uPVC windows and doors give a modern artistic look too. We are also an experienced uPVC sliding windows and doors manufacturers In Coimbatore .

Posted on: 04/27/2021, 12:13 PM