Reasons to choose uPVC windows over other options

uPVC windows can dramatically improve the energy efficiency for your home and they are the best you can choose from current market. UPVC windows are easily fabricated for double and triple glazing, they provide you tight seals, withstand harsh weather conditions and has a longer life. uPVC is not similar to PVC as to make uPVC windows additives and stabilizers are added to a raw ingredient to stabilize. This in return makes them suitable for manufacturing high-quality uPVC windows.

Unlike the orthodox choice of aluminum for window frames, uPVC windows conduct heat efficiently from inside to outside and thus helping in maintaining the room temperature. Whereas aluminum does get hot but it fails to transfer the heat from inside to outside. It is this characteristic of uPVC that makes it more widely to be used in Europe and America.

Particularly in a double glazed window, an air pocket is made between two glass panes that provide insulation so that the outside heat does not enter into the building and regulates the interior temperature. Double glazed uPVC windows in general improve the thermal resistance in a huge manner.

UPVC windows significantly reduce the transfer of warm temperature inside the building to the cold temperature present outside. Thus, uPVC windows in an efficient manner keep your home warm during winter. You can see a reduction of energy used to keep your home constantly since uPVC windows regulate the temperature and reduce the loss of heat.

The energy used to keep a room cool during summer requires as much as three times that to heat in winter. But by using uPVC windows your home can be kept cooler in summer as it reduces the gain of heat from outside. While during night times you can also open the windows for better natural ventilation.

Posted on: 10/20/2020, 01:18 PM