Lamination techniques make the work much more simple and easier. This has been designed to improve the look, quality, much more secured locking, consistency, etc., Lamination gives the choice to select the shades, colors and innovative textures that will add a good wood-like finishing touch to the UPVC doors and windows with easy maintenance. Chendur UPVC Windows in Coimbatore provides you the best product and service everywhere.

Key Features:
  • Suits best for all kinds of windows and doors.
  • Standard look can be maintained by giving importance to the latest technology.
  • Brown base windows and doors are available on both the sides.
  • UPVC doors and windows with lamination portrays the look of mahogany and oak.
  • Grey and Half White colors are available to the substitute of white in pristine laminates.
  • We have lots of choices in color such as Mahogany, Dark Oak, Golden Oak, Light Oak, Red Lam, Grey and Cream.
  • We have the advantages of artistically appearing wood finish, durability, aural and thermal insulation, easy to maintain and available with weather and dust proofing technology for the UPVC doors and windows.