Lead Free

CM Fab in Coimbatore, is proud to be one of the best UPVC profile manufacturers in Coimbatore to produce both lead based and lead-free UPVC windows and doors. Lead has been the traditional choice for all the people as it ensures easy extrusion with better textures. But nowadays the global trends are eliminating the use lead in UPVC doors and windows production to save the environment.

We CM Fab, Coimbatore understand that every customers have different needs and we are equipped to fulfill their needs to give the best product which suits them perfectly.

TPV Benefits

A pioneer in the UPVC profile industry, CM Fab, Coimbatore is the first company to introduce TPV (Thermo Plastic Vulcanizate) gaskets in the UPVC window sector.


TPV gaskets can be produced in many colors. Keeping in mind the usage of glass, CMFab in Coimbatore manufacture the TPV gaskets which have a distinctive grey color to help stand out in an ocean of identical windows.


TPV gaskets can be welded along with the UPVC doors and windows. This ensure that there won’t be any chance of air, water or sound leakage through the edges of the windows and doors.

New Profile Sections

CMFab, Coimbatore always strives to deliver the best to our customers. With the help of feedback from the customers, we are designing the best and introduced the Combination process. Combination method can be used in both UPVC doors and windows. Combination method can replace the 3 different UPVC doors and windows at a time.

This not only helps reduce costs but also helps reduce the number of steps in window fabrication and improves quality by reducing the number of joints.