Benefits of uPVC sliding windows and doors

Energy efficient:

In extreme weather conditions, Chendur uPVC windows stop water from entering your home. The summer and spring bring us a lot of fresh air, but during the monsoon and winter, we barely keep our windows & doors open, because nobody wants a wet and smelly house. But will your house remain weather-tight if you use an ordinary aluminum or wood window? But we as a top uPVC windows manufacturer in Coimbatore we can guarantee that our products are designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Low maintenance:

uPVC windows and doors require little maintenance since they are made up of sections, resulting in less breakage and less repair costs. In addition, they are easy to transport, install, and carry


Since uPVC is rigid in nature and termite-proof, these windows and doors are termite-proof. Glass is also used to further increase durability.

Space optimization and Easy to use:

The sliding doors and windows made of uPVC and aluminum occupy less space and are very easy to operate. Doors and windows simply need to be slid open by releasing the latches.

Contemporary styles at an affordable rate:

Compared to other glass window and door options, sliding glass windows are far more affordable. Both the interior and exterior of the construction are enhanced by the modern, glossy appearance.