Our CO-EX casement windows and doors are advance and modern series which enhances dashing and effectiveness to the profile. We produce windows with CRP (Composite Reinforced Plastic) reinforcement using 70mm profiles co-extruded. This series also comprises inward/outward opening windows and doors and tilt & turn windows.

Composite Reinforced Plastic (Under Development):

We are innovative provider of Composite Reinforced Plastic (CRP) which is transforming uPVC profiles.

In traditional uPVC windows, GI reinforcements are not fastened at the corners, making the corners the weakest part in the windows. CRP will replace the use of GI as reinforcements with a proprietary wood-plastic composite. CRP will be welded along with the profile at the corners, making the corners the most reinforced part of the window. Moreover, CRP will make window fabrication easier and will also eliminate the possibility of human errors in production.

Key Features:

  • Ultra stylish.
  • Available in white and wooden laminated finishes.
  • Saves time during fabrication as there is no need to fabricate reinforcements separately.
  • Improved corner strength (as window joints are welded along with CRP reinforcement) compared to conventional uPVC system.
  • Better thermal and sound insulation due to CRP (as compared to steel reinforcements in conventional uPVC system). Thermal and sound insulation can be further enhanced with double/special glass option.

Standard Size:

Windows: 5’ Height x 4’ Width

Doors: 7’ Height x 3’ Width